The Value of Learning

Electric cooperatives are finding that continuing education programs are the key to attracting talent and managing change... Continue Reading

Energy as a Service

Evolving consumer expectations towards service are changing the utility business model. Electric co-ops are now recognizing and meeting these consumer needs... Continue Reading

No Matter the Size

Experts warn that electric cooperatives both big and small are in the crosshairs of cyber criminals. Cyber security measures are crucial for all co-ops... Continue Reading

Next Generation Workforce: Kansas

For years, electric cooperative leaders have fretted watching rural kids grow up, leave for college, and then head to big cities rather than return home. As RE Magazine discovered, rural America is populated with people who did make it back home. Continue Reading

Efficiency Boost

Electric co-ops history of efficiency could gain renewed importance as power providers work to drastically cut carbon dioxide emissions from fossil-fueled plants... Continue Reading

Top Co-op Technology Trends

Change, both positive and negative, is coming from every direction for electric cooperatives. RE Magazine looks at the five most pressing technical developments for co-ops... Continue Reading