Hidden Battery

NRECA and research partners made a splash recently with an analysis of the promising energy-storage potential of an appliance found in more than 50 million U.S. homes: the electric water heater... Continue Reading


Nuclear Options

Small, modular nuclear reactors hold promise for carbon-free power, but is the electric cooperative industry ready? Continue Reading

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Energy as a Service

Evolving consumer expectations towards service are changing the utility business model. Electric co-ops are now recognizing and meeting these consumer needs... Continue Reading

Isometric Grid

Practical Partnerships

State and federal mandates coupled with increased member interest are driving co-op investment in energy efficiency and other types of demand-side management programs. Continue Reading

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No Matter the Size

Experts warn that electric cooperatives both big and small are in the crosshairs of cyber criminals. Cyber security measures are crucial for all co-ops... Continue Reading

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Essence Cyber Security Tool

On average, a computer data breach can go undetected for more than six months. A new tool from NRECA and the Department of Energy may change that... Continue Reading