Editor’s Note: RE Magazine asked SEMO CEO Sean Vanslyke to share some of his top suggestions for making your co-op a better—and safer—workplace.

Since firing my first employee when I was 23 years-old, I have become a better listener, read more, sought advice from mentors, and worked hard to communicate clear and consistent expectations. And working safe is by far the expectation that is most important.

I am blessed to have the opportunity to coach and mentor others. I try to pay forward what others have done for me. When asked to coach or be a mentor, I request feedback in return.

Over the years, I have simplified my get-into-their-head message to six simple actions:

  1. Arrive early.
  2. Smile.
  3. Work safe.
  4. Move with purpose.
  5. Don’t gossip.
  6. Give thanks.

These are actions that most people can execute and sustain on a regular basis. These six simple steps allow a person to focus on what’s important. Perhaps it sounds too simple, but I challenge you to use them to make today a better and safer day.

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